Friday, October 5, 2007

Workbook Pages

How hard is it to open a book and answer a few questions? It is not like the questions are really that hard. Okay, some of the questions are really hard, but, if you read the text or ask a few questions before you turn in the assignment you will earn a good grade.

So the school district spends a bucket of money on workbooks and textbooks for YOU.

In the scope of life, doing your homework will make a difference. Not only will you understand what I am talking about, but other people out there in the world actually use the same vocabulary that are found on these pages that are assigned. I don't really care about grades. It is just a symbol on a paper but, what i do care about is that you learn in my class.

Turning in your workbook pages is what makes the difference of having a "D/F" or a "A/B" in my class. This is what your parent's care about, they can't see what you are doing in my class or in other classes, thus the symbol on the paper.....and for some of you guys out there you should be glad I don't give out "G's"