Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking a Test

Today all of the students in the 8th grade took a Writing Test.

Tests are easy?

Tests are hard?

Do you think that your teachers over prepared you for this writing test?

Do you think that your teacher did not prepare you enough for this writing test?

How do you think that you will score? Is this test score important to you?

Why do we test so much?

Science is so HARD!!!!

i just can't agree with this. science is SOOOO easy.

we have been 'doing' science since we were babies.

  1. we look at 'stuff'

  2. we wonder about 'it'

  3. we investigate 'it' with our senses

  4. kinda figure 'it' out

  5. we ask more questions about 'it'

  6. get some more answers 'it'

no matter what "IT" is, this is what everyone does, and this is what science is all about.